It is extremely important to prepare each patient physically before every surgical treatment, and it is also very important to return to one’s own every day life and routine after plastic surgery.
Dr. Lanfranchi will explain to you how one should prepare themselves.
It is important to ensure that special care is taken to mask and hide fresh scars, edema, any cutaneos manifestation, swelling and of course the restortaion /augmentation of tissue volume.

Within recent years Dr. Lanfranchi has been working together with prominent makeup artists and fashion specialists in order that the patient may co-ordinate his/hers apparel to create a synergy with the treatment received and return to one’s own every day life as soon as possible.

Any picture of pre or post-operative will not be shown in this section or in other sections of the website in respect of the patient. Some sample “before and after” images  related to every typology of operation and treatment will be shown by Dr. Lanfranchi only and exclusively during the medical examination, in the total respect of patient’s privacy rights.